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Walking Between Worlds

Walking Between Worlds To Heal ...

Once upon a time there was a young aboriginal girl, who, in this writing shall go by the name Star. She was living a life that had become all too common with her peoples. She was forced into work at ho...


How do our bodies store voltage

How do cells store electrons or voltage?In my first article I listed the common ways electrons are taken from the human body. Now I’d like to briefly discuss how cells in our bodies store electro...


12 Key Points for a better rela...

Discover the 12 Key Points for a better relationship by David Church.

Natural Health Community in 3 Minutes

Natural Health Community in 3 M...

Discover what the Natural Health Community is... in 3 Minutes.

by: admin

Love and Compassion

Expressing Love and Compassion

I remember reading the following sentence a while ago:"You are loved so unconditionally by Creation that you can even choose to believe that you are not loved."That spoke volumes to me about ou...

by: NHC

Heart Walls

Heart Walls

The heart is the most powerful organ in the body.  It generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain.Scientists found that the hearts' magnetic field extends up to...


4 Dimension Profile – Dav...

4 Dimensions Profile for couples relationships... sound interesting? David Church will explain.

Crystal Magic

A Caring Crystal Business

A gem of a business resides down a country road outside the village of Enderby, British Columbia.It is The Crystal Man Wholesale and Gallery offering visitors a huge array of gemstones, crystals an...

Natural Health Community News

Its Alive

Welcome to the first Natural Health Community news post.We have many exciting things comming over the next few months, but to get you started, we thought you'd like to see an overview of the Natur...

by: admin

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Makes Memories

Phenomenal. That was Sandra Gorn's sister-in-law's description of a dining room table and a cherished Sunday dinner experience there."I say it was the magic of amethyst that made that extraordinary...


What is Reiki – Jayme Hanson

Reiki is hot... But what is Reiki? As a Reiki master, Jayme Hanson can answer that question for you!


What is way of the heart?

What is way of the heart?Seeking to understand how to live your life mission or follow your life purporse? This video can help.