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8 Weeks Is All It Takes!

Lose Weight Without Dieting

by: Tania Gustafson

8 WEEKS IS ALL IT TAKES!  You will lose your bloat, melt your belly and LOVE living your life.  Start your transformation today for only $249!!

As seen on HLN (Headline News), Mark Macdonald's highly successful 8 Week Run is Rocking Canada!  "8 Weeks Is All It Takes!" led by local Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Tania Gustafson,  is the only program of it's kind that combines a safe, all natural detox phase to cleanse and restart the body,  ignite phase to boost the metabolism and a thrive phase that helps eliminate the weight and at the same time provide the education needed to live life with Body Confidence.  Tania is accepting not only locals living in Kelowna, but national and international participants as well!  Register your group of 4 or more for "8 Weeks Is All It Takes!" and for a limited time receive a discounted rate of only $199/person!!   Join today  and begin living your life with Body Confidence.  Follow and Join the "8 Weeks Is All It Takes!" group on Facebook to build community and gain support on your health transformation journey.  Remember, the transformation begins with YOU!!

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