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A Personal Success Story – Gerald Nsugbe

by: Gerald Nsugbe

My personal success story, which I may properly refer to as a kind of mental re-birth, began in January 1978.

I had been prey to a number of problems including a tendency towards absent-mindedness and excessive day-dreaming. My physical challenges principally manifested themselves in the form of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which resulted in painful bowel movements amongst others associated with the common disorder.

I began a regime of self-imposed meditation which I devised intuitively to combat the day-dreaming and absent-mindedness. I practiced the regime assiduously for about fifteen months until Easter 1979 when quite abruptly I began to witness, firstly, a general upliftment of mood and, as the months passed leading to January 1980, a gradual reversal of the physical symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Increased mental alertness, apart from markedly decreased day-dreaming and absent-mindedness, brought benefits in my school work too spanning my university programme, including better concentration.

Rationalization of the self-devised regime of meditation has led me to include it in my manuscript entitled: Human Nervous System: Early Programming. The regime, which I habitually refer to as a therapeutic concentration technique, is recommended to all who may be experiencing inexplicable mental and physical symptoms whose origin or source they do not understand.

The technique avoids one of the chief criticisms directed at conventional meditation which is somtimes said to lead to excessive enthronement of the ego through mantra-style procedures.


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