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About The Natural Health Community

" A behind the scenes 'private peek' into who, how and why this great community exists "

About NaturalHealthCommunity.Org

Natural Health Community is a collective of natural health practitioners and client-patients that include:

  • Practitioner/Healers from various modalities
  • Spas and retreats
  • Health related events
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers
  • Authors
  • Suppliers of natural health products including supplements/organic foods and,
  • The client-patient community

All working together to grow, learn and heal... Creating a Community!

What is a community?

In a seminal 1986 study, McMillan and Chavis identify four elements of "community":

  • Membership
  • Influence
  • Integration and fulfillment of needs
  • Shared emotional connection

"Natural Health Community" promotes a healthy lifestyle that encompasses the whole person; body, mind and spirit. This is the cornerstone to natural health.

Our goal is to make Natural Health easily accessible to any-one that desires to utilize its incredible power.

To achieve this lofty goal it is expected that everyone that participates in "Natural Health Community" has made a conscious decision to promote a personal sense of responsibility and the "Natural Health Community".

With its focus on prevention, natural health is more in demand today than ever before and has become the lifestyle choice among tens of millions of people who choose to take responsibility for their own well-being.

"Natural Health Community" provides an opportunity for practitioners to educate potential client-patients and to showcase their knowledge and skills, as well as a resource for potential client-patients to educate themselves regarding the modalities and the practitioners they may decide to work with. It is a resource dedicated to providing support to the practitioner community by serving the growing interest by the public. You as the public, are able to "meet the practitioner" on this site so that you can decide to who can best serve you. We help to provide education and thereby an educated choice.

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food. - Hippocrates

The "Natural Health Community" was developed on the premise of bringing together those that are seeking with those that know.


Natural or alternative medicine practices are as diverse in their foundations as in their methodologies. Practices may incorporate or base themselves on traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs, or newly conceived approaches to healing. Jurisdictions where alternative medical practices are sufficiently widespread may license and regulate them. (source Wikipedia)

Disclaimer: While the natural health approach helps to prevent the occurrence of serious infectious diseases or other medical emergencies, it never condones treating these apart from traditional medical intervention, but there is nothing that prevents natural healing methods from being used side by side with conventional medical treatment.

The People, the Faces, The Personalities Behind

James Johnson
Director of Media

James Johnson has been captivating audiences for over 11 years as a professional entertainer. He has an incredible ability to make people laugh. His talents include visual comedy, magic and amazing stunts that are highlights at special events around the world. He has performed hundreds of shows in China, the South Pacific, Mexico, Dubai and all over Canada and the United States. James is also a well-known Okanagan author, having written two books, "How To Cook Without Having A Cow" and "What The Health Are You Eating." James is now director of media at Natural Health Community.

Riley Dayne
Director of Social Media/Filmographer

Riley Dayne is the ultimate badass; having successfully started several small businesses by the age of 14, he developed his business mind at a young age. He has since grown his talents to become well respected social media marketing strategist...his most notable efforts include work for an American MTV production team. Riley is also a budding film maker and story teller, he is currently working at Natural Health Community as their director social media and filmographer.

Director of Technology

Troy is an ambitious business software development expert, with a broad background in a multitude of programming languages, IT infrastructure Design, Internet Technologies, Professional Web Development, Graphic Design, Video Development and Search Engine Optimization. He specializes in business processes', business intelligence, business strategy, analytics, reporting and Internet application development.

As well as several other things you probably won't understand :)

On more than one occasion Troy was awarded certificates of merit from the software development community, from the IT community (for example Brain Buzz's certification product of the month) and the marketing community for outstanding Internet sales' results.

More Bios Coming Soon