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Anti – Cancer Vitamin Beta-Carotene

Scientifically Proven to Work on Cancer

by: Kathy Deane
Cancer and Vegetables

It is not so much the vegetables you eat that fight cancer.  It is what is in those vegetables.  The little warrior that has gone up against cancer is known as “Beta- Carotene.”

Foods High In Beta- Carotene

Many foods are high in Beta-Carotene content:

 Beet greens  Carrots   Collards  Kale apricots  Leaf Lettuce  Papaya    Parsley  Prunes   Sweet potatoes  Tomatoes    Watermelon   Winter squash Beta-Carotene Turns To Vitamin A Once beta-carotene enters the body it turns to vitamin A.  Too much vitamin A in the body can lead to toxic side effects.   However,  Dr.  Seifter states, “The great thing about beta-carotene is that it does not have the side effects that too much vitamin A has.”

Beta -Carotene A Safeguard Against Cancer?  

Evidence strongly suggests that beta-carotene may be a safeguard against cancer.

Harvard Medical Schools Study Utilizing 25,000 Physicians

Harvard Medical School conducted a study that involved 25,000 physicians.  The doctors took a beta- carotene supplement or a dummy (placebo) supplement every other day.

Micheline Mathews-Roth, M.D., the beta-carotene consultant for the study stated, “The studies to date show that there is something in beta-carotene rich foods that has an effect on cancer.”

Lung Cancer Risk Eight Times Greater In Low Carotene Group

Dr. Shekele did a long term study on beta-carotene and its effects on the deadliest of malignancies to man – LUNG CANCER.  His study began as an investigation on 2,107 workers of a Chicago-based plant of Western Electric Company on Coronary heart disease.  33 Men in 19 Years Developed LUNG CANCER? Over the next nineteen years, Dr. Shekelle noted that thirty three men developed lung cancer.   The source of the lung cancer appeared to be related to cigarette smoking.  Another observation was noted by Dr. Shekelle and his colleagues.  This was the rate of lung cancer was highest in those who ate the least amount of beta-carotene foods.  AND lung cancer was the Lowest in those who consumed the greatest amount of beta-carotene.  On November28th, 1981, Lancet reported, “that the result was an eight to one difference in risk between the lowest and highest carotene – intake groups.”

Beta – Carotene and Vitamin A in Fighting Cancer in Animals 

Scientific Studies Published by Albert Einstein College

Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York consisting of the following men; Guiseppi Rettura PH.D.,  Eli Seifter, PH.D.,  and Stanely Levenson M.D., all studied beta-carotene and its significance.  One of their published studies pinpointed the benefits beta– carotene and vitamin A had in fighting cancer in animals.   “Our studies show that if you inoculate mice with low doses of tumor cells about 50 % of them will develop tumors.  However, in those pretreated with beta-carotene supplements, only 10% developed tumors.” Dr. Seifter stated, “We also did a study in which we let the tumors grow to a certain size before we started beta-carotene supplementation.  With beta-carotene the tumors grew more slowly than normal and the animals survived longer.

2 – Year Study – Radiation Therapy, Beta – Carotene and Vitamin A

A two year study was done on cancer induced mice and the study consisted of the effects of radiation therapy, beta-carotene and vitamin A supplementation on cancer induced mice studied.  The mice were inoculated in the leg with cancer cells, which were allowed to grow.  Dr. Seifter explains, “The mice were then divided into six treatment groups.  The radiation dose we used was comparable to the dose used in many cancer patients.  That is, it was enough to reduce the tumor, but not make it disappear.” “The first group got no diet therapy and no radiation therapy and tumors grew and the animals died in 41 days.” “The second group got vitamin A but no radiation therapy and died in 60 days.” “The third group got beta-carotene and no radiation therapy and died in 61 days.” “The fourth group got radiation therapy and no dietary supplements and survived 83 days.” “Radiation combined with dietary supplementations life expectancy was greater.” “So far, radiation therapy proved to be the best of the single treatments, but when it was combined with dietary supplementations life expectancy was much greater.” “Only one animal regrew its tumor after receiving radiation and beta-carotene.” “In the group that received radiation and vitamin A therapy, the tumors got smaller to the point where you couldn’t feel them anymore.  Only one animal regrew the tumor and died.  The others lived out the first year.  The same results were found in mice given radiation therapy and beta-carotene.”

Benefits of Beta-Carotene More Obvious Even in Mice in the Second Year

The benefits of beta carotene became even more obvious in the second year when these mice survivors were again divided into groups.  “Of the animals (mice) kept on vitamin A none re developed their tumors and they lived a normal mouse life of two years.  Five out of six mice were taken off of vitamin A and they regrew their tumor and died. “In the beta carotene group, those (mice) kept on beta carotene supplements also remained tumor free.  And of those (mice)in which the beta carotene was held back, only two redeveloped their cancers.”

Beta Carotene Proved the Best

“The Significance lies in that the vitamin A deprived mice got their tumors back in 66 days.  But it took the beta carotene deprived mice 204 days to regrow their tumors.  Even after developing cancer twice they managed to survive 654 days – the natural life span of a mouse.” Dr. Seifter stated, “It appears that the beta carotene fed mice retained a sufficient supply in their bodies to protect them from cancer even after they stopped taking the beta carotene supplements.”

8,278 Norwegian’s Studied

A five years study looked into the eating and smoking habits of 8,278 Norwegian’s.  The International Journal of cancer, 1975 stated this, “Researchers found that of the smokers who ate the least amount of beta- carotene had more than twice the chance of getting cancer that those who didn’t.”

Are You Convinced You Should Supplement Your Diet with Beta Carotene Rich foods?

Evidence back then and now strongly suggests that beta- carotene may be a safeguard against cancer and that our diet should consist of beta carotene rich foods.  When utilizing a supplement be sure to take the beta carotene source as it is not toxic to the body and turns into vitamin A once in the body. High doses of just vitamin A can become Toxic.  

Super Charged - Super Foods Shake – High in Beta Carotene by K Deane

More and more one realizes the importance of utilizing organic grown foods and supplementing our diet with extra nutrition along with Super Food Supplementation.  Studies tell us it now takes 10 tomatoes to make up the same nutrient value that one tomato had in 1941.  So – How can one compete against such deficiencies in our diet?  Here is one of my favorite ways of ensuring we start our day right.  Yes with our Super-Sized Super Food Shakesthat myself and our family have first thing in the morning.  This Shake is plum full of nutrition to start ones day.  Here it is:

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