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Baby Boomers Need Money To Retire

Want To Earn More Money? Ask ME HOW!

by: Kathy Deane

baby-boomers-retirement-graphic jpegAre You a BABY BOOMER? Do You Have Enough Income To RETIRE? If not then READ ON! By DNM Health Educator Kathy Deane
Everything I own is paid for. I owe NO One not even Visa or Mastercard and I have money in the BANK. How many people can say that? I do not say this to brag but to encourage others to build their business using the word that so many do not want to hear about and that is with MLM - Multi-Level Marketing. Well I say this, “Praise the Lord for such a Business. I get to train people and actually get a commission for it along with getting a commission on what I sell.” Much better that just working for a pay check each month and someone else receiving all the rewards. AND MLM in a way is a FANCHISE Business that costs very little money to get into not millions of dollars like some of the Fast Food Chains. At least the business I am in cost me very little to get started and that business is the Natural Vitamin and Supplement Health Industry.
Consumers are More Health Conscious

People are becoming more health-conscious and more focused on preventative health care. In 2013, about 75% of the population in the U.S. took dietary supplements. Vitamins accounted for a major portion of the consumption, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN

Vitamin and supplements exceeded $90 billion - Health and Wellness the Trillion Dollar Industry in 2017.”

In 2013, the global market for vitamin and supplements exceeded $90 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% from $75 billion in 2009, according to Euromonitor. Reference: Vitamin Industry Statistics, Market Research and Statistics.
November 29, 2012, Analyst Insight by Ewa Hudson, Global Head of Health and Wellness Research at Euromonitor International stated this, “ Health and Wellness the Trillion Dollar Industry in 2017.”

Retired-Man-counts-MoneyDon't Get Left Behind

Don't get left behind in this growing and significant trend that more and more baby boomers are embracing as they seek solutions to both personal and financial concerns they have about retirement. We live in a world where we saved to retire and now find out our DOLLAR does not STREEEEETCH the way we were told it would. It used to seem easy, you picked a few different mutual funds sat back and watched them grow and felt wonderful when your statements arrived telling you how much they had increased in value. Now you dread to look at them. The markets are falling worldwide along with our investments. BUT one investment that we all want is GOOD Health and a LONG and PROSEROUS life. AND How do we do that? First by TAKING ACTION FOR YOUR HEALTH and second by investing in something that will give you a good return such as the company I deal with.
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Kathy Deane Health Educator & Nutritional Consultant. for 30 years holds her DNM Doctorate in Natural Medicine, RHP Registered Herbal Practitioner & RNP Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner and is a FITness Coach. Kathy specializes in helping people meet HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GOALS using DIET, EXERCISE, HERBAL & VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION. Education is my love states Deane. CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS are AVAILABLE IN 36 COUNTRIES. FREE LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS @

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