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Breast Cancer And Yarrow

A 'Herbal Walk in Native Moccasins by DNM Kathy Deane Health Educator

by: Kathy Deane

yarrow boquetYarrow’s ‘Little Cancer Miracle Testimony’

For the past 2 years I had been bleeding increasingly from sores on my breast due to cancer. The doctors merely said that it was capillaries breaking and no one, including several different community nurses had any suggestions how to stop it. During the past 4-5 months it became excessive to the point where I was drenching nursing pads at least once a day.

Reading one of the herbal books for the Nature’s Way Herbal Health Institute Master Herbal Course, I noticed that Yarrow was an astringent for internal and external bleeding. I ordered some capsules from Nature’s Sunshine and within 3 weeks of taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night, the bleeding has virtually stopped. I consider this quite miraculous…and it was so simple!

Sophie Earle


Yarrows Traditional uses include: diabetes, kidneys, arthritis, fevers, haemorrhagia, bowel fistulas (in cocoa fat inserts). No wonder this is one of the "great" herbs. In June, it can be picked in the foothills of Alberta, in August on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan BC. Since I have tendencies to diabetes, Bright's disease and arthritis myself, I drink plenty of this herb and take several cups if I have signs of a cold. (I haven't had such signs for the past few years.) This plant has been used historically to prevent hemorrhaging in childbirth and to prevent miscarriage. A friend healed a long-standing bowel fistula with cocoa-fat and Yarrow powder insert. Another used yarrow enemas to heal piles. This herb is helpful for bowel health and diarrhea. It's a wonderful tonic. It will even aid hair to recover its natural color. (Use as a strong rinse and leave on.)




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