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Can You Direct Tesla Waves?

by: Nina Armitage
As a practitioner I know and can feel the energy of  TESLA WAVES.
TESLA WAVES have their own intelligence.
We pull the energy and with distance the waves get STRONGER

The practitioner does not diagnose, does not direct the energy, does not add or take anything from the body; The higher consciousness of the client is in some kind of an agreement with the universal consciousness, and the healer is there only to facilitate the process; as an observer and the observed;


Articles by Nina Armitage

Nina is an expert in the field of Tesla Metamorphosis. This Rare healing practice attracts great interest among a wide array of scientist due to its unique healing benefits. Clients report healing from many diseases that are considered incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spine injuries, even healing from birth deformities. Also, healing happen very quickly. Most of the time, three sessions are enough.

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