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Candida Clear Cleanse #958-7 – This Is A 14 Day Cleanse

by: Kathy Deane

Cut out Sugar & Wheat in Your DIET & CLEANSE ! WITH A CANDIDA CLEAR CLEANSE #958-7 This 14-day Cleansing Program (84 Packets – 336 Capsules).

A HEALTHY BODY IS HOST TO A DELICATE BALANCE OF FRIENDLY MICROFLORA. For example, the mucous membranes throughout the body are lined with protective bacteria. If this protective layer of bacteria becomes compromised through various factors such as poor diet, disease or use of certain medications, then the underlying body tissues are attacked by opportunistic organisms such as yeast and fungus. Excesses of yeast and fungus can compromise the immune, digestive and urinary systems.

CANDIDA ALBICANS IS A NATURAL PART OF THE BODY'S GUT FLORA, but if factors such as mentioned above lead to its overgrowth, many health problems can result. This 14-day cleansing program is designed to help maintain the normal balance of Candida albicans colonization.

DAILY SUPPLEMENTATION WITH PROBIOTICS (friendly bacteria) is a key strategy in helping to maintain Candida balance. NSP probiotics will help to populate the gut with friendly bacteria. Take Acidophilus-Bifidobacterium, Bifdophilus Flora Force or Probiotic 11 to help boost and repopulate your friendly bacteria.

Mineral/Herbal/Enzyme Combination

The Candida Cleanse Program Consists of Two Packs: #1 The Candida Clear Combo pack and #2 The Candida Clear Enzyme pack.

#1 The Candida Clear Combo pack brings together in one convenient package, three different products formulated with natural ingredients such as pau d’arco, caprylic acid and oregano that have been shown to help balance the colonization of Candida. Other ingredients including garlic, selenium and zinc, are used to support the body’s immune function.

#2 The Candida Clear Enzyme pack contains a proprietary formulation of enzymes is specially blended to provide support to the intestinal tract.

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Articles by Kathy Deane

Kathy Deane Health Educator & Nutritional Consultant. for 30 years holds her DNM Doctorate in Natural Medicine, RHP Registered Herbal Practitioner & RNP Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner and is a FITness Coach. Kathy specializes in helping people meet HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GOALS using DIET, EXERCISE, HERBAL & VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION. Education is my love states Deane. CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS are AVAILABLE IN 36 COUNTRIES. FREE LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS @

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