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Chronic Fatigue And Fibromyalgia – Cure?

by: Victoria Fabling

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia


I recently found a book which I couldn’t put down.


This book is called The Divided Mind, written by Dr John Sarno.  He, and other contributing doctors, studied Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) and have cured their patients of their debilitating symptoms by focusing on their personal ‘stuff.’


When patients first came to Dr Sarno, he asked them about their emotions at the onset of a syndrome - what was triggering an expression of rage and couldn’t be expressed for fear of social outrage? Clients gave him answers like “I was angry at my baby for not letting me have one interrupted night’s sleep;” “My girlfriend was expecting me to join her family on a cruise and the very thought (of a future commitment to her) terrified me!”


Dr Sarno made his findings on TMS available by giving weekly talks.  People then sent him testimonials saying their symptoms vanished just through being made aware. Accumulated research in The Divided Mind leads to the conclusion that once we admit the repression of an emotional guilt, it is set free, and the symptoms leave soon afterwards.


I applaud Dr Sarno for daring to use the word ‘cure.’  I believe we can cure ourselves of anything which has a mind-body-spirit connection.  Button pushing shows us what we have repressed.  Once we decide to look at the texture of that emotional button, own it, and deal with it, we can be well again.


Welcome back to being well!



© Victoria Fabling

26th March 2013



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