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Mind, Body or Spirit Professional
Donna Roth BA, BEd MH currently resides in Kelowna where she educates and coaches others to take responsibility of their health into their own hands by using her very simple 3-step program of diet, super foods and herbs. Since 1993 after witnessing the cancer deaths of her loving mother, a dear aunt and mother-in-law Donna has been on a quest to find an answer to cancer.

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Mud Pies, Sugar Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Recipes

This book is full of fun easy  recipes. It provides you with an eating guide to overcome those "sugar blues" cravings. It is a great book for those with allergies and for those following a specific herbal program.... [more]

Price: $25

Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury

All dis-eased conditions happen as a result of a pronounced nutritional deficiency and cancer is no exception. This book teaches you to eliminate the wrong foods, eat the right foods,  power up with high dense nutrition and to take the right herbs and supplements. Contact or 250 764 2852... [more]

Price: $30