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Energy Medicine Basics – Chapter 2 – Chakra Series – Sacral Chakra – Episode #3

Sacral Chakra

by: Evelyn Mulders




About the Video....
A tutorial on the physical and emotional aspects of the sacral chakra. A strong sacral chakra vibration supports movement and flexibility both in the body and the mind. It's the chakra centre where emotions are felt and expressed physically.

More about the Sacral Chakra...
The second chakra extends from the top of the pelvic bone to the navel. As the navel is the cord of life in the embryonic stage of life, this cord seems to continue in an energetic manner connecting us to our pure creative energies that truly nourish our beings.

The Sacral Chakra is considered a sacred vessel of imagination and creative juices.
The Sacral Chakra is our emotional center. It is associated with relationships, creativity, pleasure, body image and sexuality. The essence of the second chakra is being comfortable in our bodies, with our sexuality and allowing us the opportunity to rest and relax and be comfortable.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the water element and controls the body fluids. It controls all the urinary fluids and the function of the kidneys and bladder and also the fluids regulated by the sexual organs.The Sacral Chakra is the energy associated with sexuality and the expression of sensual emotion.

Whereas the first chakra is basic to survival; the second chakra allows the soul to embrace the body. On the spiritual level the sacral chakra lets us experience liberation and free-flowing feelings which make us willing to see life as original and new. It is governed by faith and trust in the larger picture.

Characteristics of someone with a strong Sacral Chakra are the ability to respond kindly to nature. To be solely connected to nature, animals, humans, self and the spiritual world. They exude sensuality and peacefulness and are nurturing, focused, capable, spiritually aware and emotionally responsive.


Videos by Evelyn Mulders

Evelyn owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center (since 1996). The focus of the healing modalities are Reflexology and Energy Kinesiology and Vibrational remedies. She is the author of two published books, "The Essence of Sound" and "Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory".

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