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Energy Medicine Basics – Chapter 2 – Chakra Series – Heart Chakra – Episode #5

Heart Chakra

by: Evelyn Mulders


About the Video.....
A tutorial on the physical and emotional aspects of the heart chakra. It's the rainbow bridge connecting the physical with the spiritual.

More about the Heart Chakra...
The Heart Chakra is the center powerhouse of the entire chakra system. It mediates between the body and the spirit and helps to determine strength and health. It mediates between the lower earthly energies and higher spiritual energies.

The reason that the Heart Chakra is so important is that an open heart is integral to an individual's ability to express love. It teaches us how to act out of love and compassion and recognize that the most powerful energy we have is love. This includes both self-love and the expression of love towards others.The Heart Chakra is all about unity, peace, unconditional love, hope, forgiveness, compassion and generosity. As the Heart Chakra opens, so does your ability to connect with your higher self. When the fourth chakra center opens, it radiates love and forgiveness.

The Heart Chakra is representative of the element air, which relates to the heart and lungs of the body. This chakra allows us to be in touch with all things. In the fourth chakra; images, words, sounds and smells are transformed into feelings. If we learn to love and fully accept all parts of our personality and body from the depths of our heart, we can be potentially transformed or healed.

Characteristics of a strong Heart Chakra is someone who radiates natural warmth, sincerity and happiness You put your heart in all that you do and create, you love everyone unconditionally and see everyone through God's eyes. You are living in the now.


Videos by Evelyn Mulders

Evelyn owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center (since 1996). The focus of the healing modalities are Reflexology and Energy Kinesiology and Vibrational remedies. She is the author of two published books, "The Essence of Sound" and "Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory".

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