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Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center
Evelyn owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center (since 1996). The focus of the healing modalities are Reflexology and Energy Kinesiology and Vibrational remedies. She is the author of two published books, "The Essence of Sound" and "Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory".

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The Essence of Sound Book

Discover the hidden clues to making you feel absolutely VIBRANT!The Essence of Sound....full spectrum vibrational healing for the meridians,chakras, auric field and figure eight energiesAn quick reference guide to understanding the meridians, chakras and auric field and how we can support these energy systems for your own vitality!... [more]

Price: $38.00

Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory

Finally a book that offers not only the physical healing attributes from the plants but also the emotional and spiritual support.Herbs have healing messages for us ...all we have to is is listen.. There is an herbal message for YOU too!A full colour herbal manual organizing western herbs to support meridian model of healing. ... [more]

Price: $34.50