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G N M Seminar I * 21/22 March 2015

by: John Theobald

Dr R G Hamer, as the result of his own personal experience with cancer, while practicing conventional medicine in a German cancer clinic, embarked on a path of research that proves scientifically and unequivocally, that cancer and many related "diseases" are in actual fact, emergency biological responses of the body to an external emotional trauma.
He clearly establishes a link between emotional trauma and cancer, heart disease, skin & muscle disorders, psychological disorders and more.

An understanding of Dr Hamer's research will assure you beyond any shadow of a doubt that neither genetic mutation nor viruses nor EMF (electromagnetic frequencies eg cell phones) nor so called carcinogens, have anything to do with causing cancer. Reclaim your personal power in the face of a medical system that we intuitively know has lost it's way.

 * German New Medicine *

The Science Behind the Mind Body Disease Connection
presented by John Theobald BSc

Seminar  I

21/22 March 2015
9 30 am - 5 30 pm

Dr. R G Hamer MD, is the first to prove scientifically that cancer, for example, is not - as previously thought - a senseless proliferation of deadly cells but rather part of a Special Biological Program of Nature that has been successfully practiced for millions of years. German New Medicine offers a completely new understanding of what we commonly call disease.

GNM Seminar I starts with a thorough introduction to Dr Hamer's work and the Five Biological Laws of the new medicine and then covers the Special Biological Programs of kidney cancer (cysts, water retention, hypertension, infections, kidney stones, adrenal cancer Cushing Syndrome, Addison's disease), lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, (rectal cancer, Crohn's disease, IBS, hemorrhoids), liver cancer (cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, gall stones), testicular and ovarian cancer and cysts, osteoporosis, bone cancer, arthritis, leukemia, and so-called brain tumors.

Special attention is given to genetic mutation and viruses.

No Prerequisite

$300 with advance registration and a $150 deposit.
$350 after 27 Feb

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GNM Coaching and Support
Private Coaching and support is available to practitioners and their clients, as well as the individual to explain in detail any issues or symptoms, in the context of German New Medicine, pertaining to personal health and wellness. In person, by phone or via Skype $150 / session

NOTE: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice

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