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Go Green Onions!

Even if you don't have a spoonful of soil, a shovel or a spade you can still grow fresh green onions at home. You don't need a green thumb, or even a seed to get started, you don't even need to go outside!

My sister shared this trick with me and now I've got fresh green onions right in my kitchen.

Firstly, you've got to get the green onions. Go to your favorite local grocer or farmer and buy a bundle or two of green onions, try to get the freshest ones that you can find, and make sure that the onions still have as much of the white root part still attached as possible.

Don't worry if you have to get them at a big supermarket, this will work with any green onion fresh enough to still have life within it. Onions are able to hold life within, even if the outer layers are dried up and lifeless.

Bring the onions home and put them in a glass of water on a sunny windowsill. I like to use a clear glass, but an opaque or dark container would probably also suit the purpose as long as the green stems of the onions receive light from the sun. I like the clear container because you can see the roots growing even after a couple days!

I use scissors to cut off as much onion as I need for whatever I am making, and more onion grows in its place! Incidentally, I now use scissors to chop the green onions almost every time I use them because it saves me from having to use a cutting board (or finding a sharp knife!).

Keep refreshing the water as necessary and keep enough of the onion so that more will grow back from the root/stem. As a general rule about a finger length left in the water should produce a shoot of new plant. If you use a lot of green onions, you can have a few glasses on the windowsill and have as many growing as you need without having to buy any more.

- Submitted by Brad

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