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Is Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis More Important Than Healing?


by: Nina Armitage

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis practitioners use Tesla Waves, which get stronger with distance. Tesla healing is a hands off, no machines involved modality.

All functions in our body are of an electro-magnetic nature. It is scientifically proven that every living cell radiates light. Healthy and young cells radiate strong, vibrant light. This light is diminished with ill or old cells. Tesla healing frequencies of energy bring human (and an living beings) cells into perfect balance of light. This is how the healing takes place. Light has intelligence. Light can be visible around some clients during healing, and in the room.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis may be even more important than the healing because it initiates our personal growth. It initiates consciousness evolution and soul purification. It directly affects the process of evolution on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The frequencies of energy, light and information stimulate the reconstruction of broken DNA strands science calls "junk DNA". It seems that humans once had 13 strands that hold our genetic code and the code of information and light. In simple terms, if you had 13 TV channels, and suddenly you have only 2? How much light and information would you be missing?

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis triggers the process of reconstruction of the human DNA strands and brings them in resonance with the frequency of planet Earth's DNA, and the DNA of the Universe.

It is note worthy that a lot of scientific evidence that an evolutionary leap of human consciousness can be expected in this time period and that the Mayan prediction is not without foundation.

Articles by Nina Armitage

Nina is an expert in the field of Tesla Metamorphosis. This Rare healing practice attracts great interest among a wide array of scientist due to its unique healing benefits. Clients report healing from many diseases that are considered incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spine injuries, even healing from birth deformities. Also, healing happen very quickly. Most of the time, three sessions are enough.

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