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Health Educator & Nutritional Consultant. Specializing in health programs including Cancer Prevention and Cancer Solutions, Body Fitness, Weight Loss and Taking Action For Your Health. Kathy holds her DNM Doctorate in Natural Medicine, RHP Registered Herbal Practitioner & RNP Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner. Kathy specializes in helping people meet Healthy Lifestyle Goals using DIET, EXERCISE, HERBAL & VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION. Ask about the 6 week program TAFYH - Taking Action For Your Health and take the free BSQ Body system Questionnaire. Education is my love state's Deane. I have designed CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS available in 36 COUNTRIES. TAFYH Taking Action For Your Health is very popular. This program is 6 weeks long 15 minutes a day Monday to Friday. AND Success Stories tell us it WORKS!

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Expert In: CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS, HEALTH PROGRAMS, Herbs, Vitamins and Super Foods. Cancer nutritional support. Body Building GetFITogether.ca TAFYH Taking Action For Your Health - 6 week - 15 min a day- Healthy Solutions Program

  • Health Educator - Health Coach - Ultimate Excercise & Weight Loss Programs
  • Nutritional Consultant - TAFYH Coach - Cancer Solutions Naturally Education
  • Herbal Supplementation
  • Educate Yourself with a Personal Program just for YOU!
  • Correspondence Programs
  • Ultimate Fitness Team Education and Programs
  • GettingFitTogether.ca
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TAFYH Taking Action For Your Health
Health Educator & Nutritional Consultant - specializing in Super Foods Programs
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As we live in a time where 1 in 3 woman and 1 in 2 men will have cancer at some point in their lifetime it becomes and emergency situation for us to take back learning natural remedies on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A most p

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Healthy Life Next Exit The health of people. We live in a society where obesity has now been classified as a disease, We are told that one out of two people will have cancer in their lifetime.  Diabetes is becoming epidemic not to mention Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Educating and teaching others on how to take care of ones body naturally is my ultimate goal. In 25 years of full time practice I have seen so many cases of where the medical system has given up and then when someone does something as simple as taking my TAFYH  program by Taking Action For Your Health, their life was changed.

Steve Jobs, one of the most visionary Americans of his generation and the cofounder of Apple computers, died from cancer at the age of 56.  Steve Jobs has been given many titles: genius, innovator, and leader. However CANCER took his life and no longer is he able to lead, invent or use his genius mind to educate others.

What could have been done different?  What could have extended his life?

We live in a time of Chemotherapy and Radiation for dealing with cancer situations by our medical system.

What can be done naturally? Not only for Cancer but for other Dis-ease conditions?

Do you want to learn about healthier lifestyle Solutions  and how it can affect ones dis-ease condition? Learn about natural solutions?  If so join me in www.tafyh.com  www.takingactionforyourhealth.ca