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Listening With Our Hearts


by: Victoria Fabling

The heart speaks with clues and symbols and, when we notice, it becomes more involved with our lives. The proof comes in the form of synchronicities and serendipitous events.

I am passionate about this subject because it feels so good to be free of past conditioning. I want us all reclaim our power, and learn information about life.

With the help of the Universe, we can be our own expert. By using all our senses we can:

  • realise that our intelligence is limitless
  • that alchemy is possible
  • that what we need is available within our immediate circle
  • become innovative if/when we don't know how to do something
  • overcome stage-fright for good
  • identify when we are being sold something we may not need
  • receive wisdom from totally unexpected sources

I can best illustrate this last point by sharing three (connected) examples of my heart being guided by someone in spirit, from a completely different culture.

I heard of Red Cloud of the Lakota Sioux tribe in 1996 when it seemed like he encouraged me to go to Kelowna, Canada with the word 'paradise.' As I had a memory of Paradise as a young baby, that was first clue, confirmed with receipt of a Red Cloud postage stamp. I did, indeed, move to Kelowna in 1998. The next time was when I felt called to take an active part in the global Harmonic Concordance event on April 1st 2004. I had dressed in my Mother's kilt, representing my Scottish tribal roots. We were asked to sit in a circle and, when the ceremony began, I noticed I was seated opposite a First Nations elder wearing the identical tartan. I remember being asked to call up then transmute any ancestral karma. The significance for me was huge as this ceremony took place within the hour I was born many years ago. The third message from Red Cloud came last February, on a day I felt particularly 'down' due to what seemed an imbalance of 'financial' flow; plenty going out and no visible evidence of any coming in! When I was walking along a nature trail I noticed, propped up against a tree, an oil painting of Red Cloud on a white horse, surveying his 'world' from a cliff top. I knew this was a gift for me and took it home. The painting is a physical reminder that not only does the heart listen, it manifests!

I learn best experientially, so I mentor the same way, getting you to practise using your heart's wisdom. If you would like to explore any of this material further, privately or as a group, please email me at


Articles by Victoria Fabling

Victora Fabling is a Confidante and Life Coach rolled into one. When Victoria mentors she calls in your Highest Truth, facilitating a conversation so you hear its wisdom. She helps you to see your situation from your Spiritual perspective. This gives you breathing space to make a decision from a place of power.

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