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Lotus Love—Book

by: Lotuslove evolve

Where are we? Who are we? Why do we come to Earth and how?

Dose it have God? Does it have Evil? Why do we have disease? Why do we have bad luck?

How human is deep structured? How human connects with universe? Which interval is human in?

What’ s the process of death? Where do we go after death?

Does have reincarnation?

Does human have beyond power?

All above book content will inspire you; you will have a new view for yourself, family, children, people or everything. You will

surprise your ability, you will surprise around you!!!

A book presents how a whole universe is structured. Where does human seat in universe?


Do you know everything in Universe flows universe law only our mind doesn’t? That’s an awed piont why the Earth is so

Mass. That’s why we are suffering. Do we meet our basic needs? Do we create life issues in the proccessing pursuiting our

needs? Does have alternative way to solve life issues such as: finance, health, relationship, family, children, career etc ?

Mutil comtemporary and 2000 years tibatan methods to make powerful change.  

      A book unfolds unconditional love. A book discloses human secret. A book is free darkness, evil source and

unveils infinite happy world.

A method we can fly, A method we can travel through space.

For Love, Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Enlightenment

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Registered Healer In International Natural Healers Association,USA

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