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Love Your Pregnancy!

How massage therapy can help you have a fantastic pregnancy.

by: Sheryl Hamilton

Pregnancy can be a challenging time, fraught with problems like back pain, sleep loss, nausea, and fatigue to name a few.  Many new moms are unaware about how much massage therapy can help them cope with this time, and sail through it with ease and good health.  What if pregnancy could be a time that a woman could actually enjoy and experience as an enriching time in her life?  If you are an expectant mother, massage therapy could be your ticket to loving your pregnancy.

Nausea.  Who enjoys feeling ill?  Nobody!  And yet many new moms suffer with nausea that they believe they must simply endure because they are unaware that natural health options like massage therapy can help them cope and decrease the symptoms of nausea.  During a massage therapy treatment, I will often use Shiatsu to control the symptoms of nausea experienced by some pregnant women.  I also have other tips and tricks that I like to share with my pregnant clients to help them manage nausea after their visit...there are even some easy Shiatsu points that I teach clients to use on themselves to control nausea after their visit.

Back Pain.  When a woman is pregnant, her body naturally produces and releases a hormone called relaxin.  This hormone is designed to soften ligaments so that the pelvis can expand to allow the baby to be born.  Unfortunately, it starts being released in low levels fairly early on in pregnancy, which can cause unwanted problems with bony misalignment because the bones are no longer being supported properly by their ligaments.  This can cause pain in the lower and mid back, and elsewhere in the body.  Massage therapy is the perfect treatment for this problem, because it is non-invasive, gentle, and extremely effective.  When treating lower back pain during pregnancy I employ a technique called Muscle Energy Technique.  This is a very gentle, specific modality that works with the strength of your own muscles to improve bony alignment.  It is very comfortable to receive, and results in decreased pain right away in most cases.  If you are a woman suffering from lower back pain due to pregnancy, suffer no more!  Time to get that changed so that you can get back to enjoying becoming a mamma.

General Well-Being.  Other than treating specific, unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy, massage feels great!!  My pregnant clients often report that massage therapy was one of the best strategies they had to keep feeling healthy during pregnancy.  On the table, clients are supported by a cushioning system designed to support a pregnant woman's body.  It feels heavenly to have someone care for your body while you are pregnant, massaging away all the aches and pains and reminding you what your body feels like.  Also, massage therapy can help increase your energy levels, improve relaxation so that sleep is easier, and help you feel fantastic!

What if pregnancy could be a time of joy, wellness, and happiness for you?

How often should I come?  If you are coming for massage therapy to heal a specific concern such as lower back pain, you can expect that the situation should improve in 2 or 3 one-hour sessions.  If, however, you would like to use massage therapy as a tool to help you sail through pregnancy, I recommend one-hour treatments every two or three weeks throughout your pregnancy.  Your body will love you for it!  And you will feel fantastic throughout this special time of your life, which can only help your baby as well.

If you or someone you know is having a challenging pregnancy, or simply wishes to enjoy it more, please send them to me for massage therapy.  I look forward to seeing you soon, and helping you love your pregnancy!

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Sheryl Hamilton, B.Sc., RMT

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