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Mentoring Healers: Are You Wondering “What’S Wrong With Me?”

How to listen to our Higher Selves

by: Victoria Fabling

Mentoring Healers

Back in 1991 I joined a healing organisation now known as The Healing Trust, founded by Harry Edwards.

Fifty years ago this organisation noticed that healers were using their hearts to heal.  Before you say, duh!  This was something huge.  If someone’s heart is not fully opened prior to the healing act then the healing will not actually be channelled from Source, it will be coming from the healer’s magnetic field. Healers who persisted in giving healing could only do so for 5 to 10 minutes without being depleted of energy, and having their own healing crises, usually very high blood pressure and heart attacks.

One of the things I recommend is to keep the healing sessions short, or give from the high heart, mid-way between the heart and the throat.  Total relaxation and connection with Source is essential, so I have promised myself not to give healing in a place where I feel uncomfortable.  I recently did give a healing session in Kelowna GeneralHospital, which wasn’t smart. Either we are open vessels or we aren’t, and if we are – a place of sickness is not the ideal place.

Someone casually mentioned to me that his wife, who worked at KGH, used to put her work clothes in the washing machine with the children’s clothes, and he thought this was crazy.  The kids were always sick!  I was impressed with his insight.  Our aura can carry ‘cling-ons’ which are not desirable and we need to clean off.

We need to think clean thoughts too, not own an illness and talk about it because those around us like to compare ailments! This isn’t a feel-good, fuzzy article, and I was pleased I didn’t have mentors who constantly said “It’s all good!” Some habits and addictions are not good; they cause a lot of unnecessary sickness and stress.  When we become more open and able to heal others, certain things we once loved fall away – we can’t tolerate them anymore.  Live music in bars along with loud parties is now something that I have to avoid because the vibration is too harsh and 'jives' with me in an unhelpful way: this is my Higher Self saying “no, this isn’t for you any longer.”  We continually get hints from our Higher Selves such as “change your diet,” “move to another location which has less … fill in the blank”, etc.

If you are wondering “what’s wrong with me?” and “why am I noticing that being a healer means changing my habits and where I hang out, and I wish I could talk this over with someone?”  Try me; I’d be delighted to mentor you.  There are creative ways to bridge the gap of what we once could do and what works now.

Victoria Fabling

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Blog by Victoria Fabling

Victora Fabling is a Confidante and Life Coach rolled into one. When Victoria mentors she calls in your Highest Truth, facilitating a conversation so you hear its wisdom. She helps you to see your situation from your Spiritual perspective. This gives you breathing space to make a decision from a place of power.

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