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Whether you are young or old, your body needs exercise and movement to function properly. Whole Body Vibration is used by celebrities, athletes, doctors, health clinics, fitness experts, NASA, and others for over 40 years.

At Vata Health Our goal is to get you healthy and keep you healthy through fitness, healthy eating and knowledge.

Scientific studies show that 10 minutes on a Whole Body Vibration(WBV) Platform is equal to 1.5 hours in a gym. No strenuous activity. No sweat! No problem!Vata is the first to combine oscillating and spiral vibration to give you one of the best technologies for developing better overall well-being. By merging both systems, Vata's WBV technology stimulates more muscle groups and internal organs for faster, superior results.Many of our customers say using our platforms are addictive! Get an easy, no sweat, whole body transformation simply by standing or striking a pose on our vibration platform.Give Your Body a Boost! Supercharge your life and create easy, positive conditioning in your entire system including: Circulation, pain reduction, weight loss, balance, core strength and more!