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Why Claude Prica?

Adjustment, Athletic Coaching & Consulting

I came to Canada five years ago from Europe ( France). I have been involved in the Global Health Movement for 25 years and have been very effective in helping people to stay healthy, as well as assisting them to perform at their very best by using only natural methods and remedies. I introduced AtlasPROfilax in Canada 5 years ago: A Natural and Effective Holistic Method for prevention and Self- Healing.

I reside in the lower mainland of BC. The Atlas correction is the main reason why clients consult with me at first. This is a very unique technique to help the body to stay Upright and Healthy as we age. I became trained and certified by the Switzerland AtlasPROfilax Academy in 2007

I also have a strong background in human psychology and physiology and hold a Masters degree in Sports Management from France. As a life coach for more than 20 years, I have practiced in more than 10 different countries in Europe and North America. My concept regarding Owning your Health, and Managing Stress to Achieve Optimal Performances is the second reason why people are consulting with me.

Designing Personal Training Plans for Athletes who desire to pursue a professional sports career is another specialty of mine. I have been doing this for 20 years. My specialties in this area are endurance sports such as: Cross country skiing, Biathlon and Mountain biking.

I always have achieved my goals with everyone I coached, my Vision in regards to Success is long therm Oriented and Safe because it is 100% Natural.