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Why Nina Armitage?

Tesla Metamorphosis

Powerful and Life Changing. Tesla Metamorphosis addresses healing on three aspects of human existence. Body, consciousness and spirit. By utilizing the Tesla frequencies of energy, healing takes place on all levels. Nina practices this proven by science form of healing in person or distantly, where the client is not present. Also Distance with communication.

I love helping people. It is what I do. Live life with humour.

From the age of 19 I have had a interesting, varied, and rewarding career in health care. From Vancouver in 1977, to the Okanagan until 2004. I have always know there was more, another way.

So 20 years ago was introduced to Reiki, and as a practitioner, was fascinated by universal energy, and distance healing . Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, EFT, are all things in my toolbox to draw on when needed.

Then in 2011 heard about an amazing woman named Anya Petrovic…Coming to Canada for the first time. Went to a presentation…. And the rest now history. Tesla Metamorphosis changed my life, and now I have the opportunity to change yours. Its about human transformation.

The Okanagan has been home for the last 24 years. Husband, children and grandchildren give me joy and fulfillment. I love all things nature, outdoors, playing in the flowers and garden, photography. Meditation and healing groups feed my spirit and soul. I have a rich and full life and with a Tesla Metamorphosis healing practice, I am complete. Joyful.

Smiles and hugs,