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Tesla Metamorphosis
Nina is an expert in the field of Tesla Metamorphosis. This amazing healing practice attracts great interest among a wide array of scientists due to its unique healing benefits. Clients report healing from many diseases that are considered incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spine injuries, even healing from birth deformities.Pain and emotional resolution, relaxation. Also, healing happen very quickly. Most of the time, three sessions are enough.

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Tesla Healing Sessions

HEALING.  A personal hands off experience. Tesla Healing Metamoprhosis is intended to bring the human frequency of  light back into perfect balance.  Illness of any kind is usually manifested physically,mentally or emotionally.  This universal life-force is seen as the frequency of light which is restored and healing takes place.Healing...... [more]

Price: $$65

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

IMPORTANT IN THIS TIME OF CHANGE.  Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is about your personal, physical, mental ,emotional and spiritual growth. Through consciousness evolution, the reconstruction of the original human 13 DNA strands,(referred to by science as JUNK DNA ) and the attunement of  human DNA and the DNA of planet Earth, and the univers...... [more]

Price: $$333

Tesla Distant Healing/Soul Communication

Healing will be performed on Clients who are not physically present. During this HEALING PROCESS, communication through meaning, emotions and images is opened.  This communication is beyond words. In this process the healer and client journey together, reaching the subconscious mind. Even transcending further to the level of the integrative mind. T...... [more]

Price: $$85