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Paw Paw Super Foods 2015 Testimonies On The Therapeutic Nutritional Program

Natural Health Remedies Including Cancer, ADHD, Parasites, Anxiety and More

by: Kathy Deane

Lights up a 100 watt light bulb and opens 76 different meridians in the body.

2015  By DNM Health Educator Kathy Deane

1. Shirley 1.5 weeks ago passed a long 3” rubbery flat worm. Yesterday passed a big clump of worms about 3 – 4 inches long and some like threads. Shirley separated them and saved in vinegar so they can be viewed by others.
2. Scott down 17 pounds from following TAFYH program. Running 5 km a day = 25 km a week. . Feeling great and
3. Laura following TAFYH program with Scott and is now down 6 lbs.
4. Mary feeling a lot better, zerenity working great the doctor has now taken her off of corazapan.
5. Pat – now off of HBP meds, 2 anti-depression meds and off of motrin.
6. 8 year old boy with ADHD and Autistic doing a lot better. Able to concentrate and focus, black circles under the eyes much better and sleeping better.
7. Jolene doing the TAFYH program feeling better and especially not dizzy and after learning about the importance of water thinks it was because she was dehydrated.
8. Feeling much better with flu now on the Therapeutic Nutritional Program and thank you to Kathy
9. Deborah’s husband Lee taking program also and enjoying learning on health
10. Scott – so glad gave up drinking and taking TAFYH. Feeling so much better and eating better.
11. Roy cancer bowel, liver and prostate - given 2 – 3 months to live a year ago January 2014 -now it is January 2015 and Roy is still doing well and still following the Super Foods Therapeutic Nutritional Program.
12. PJ Sleep Apnea and getting hardly any sleep. 7 days ago started – taking 1 Zerenity and 1 Passion Flower at bedtime and sleeping like a log.
13. Audra – high stress – not sleeping well – takes 1 zerenity and out like a log for 8 hours.
14. Carol – dry vagina and hurt when having intercourse. Went on Therapeutic Nutritional Program which included HYC and now has moisture and does not hurt during intercourse.
15. Testimony: Victoria – my son Gordon has had health issues for years . Also has had cysts in his ears for over 35 years – 6 in one ear and 5 in the other and also had vertigo they think from cysts on the ear drum. After Dr Jerry McLaughlins talk he went on the Paw Paw and one bottle later all cysts were gone except for one and it is only ½ left. Also VERTIGO is gone. Yeah Paw Paw!
16. Maria tumor in brain near pituitary. Went on a good diet which included health products and count barely went down. Went on TAFYH Theraputic Super Foods program using Nature’s Suhsine top quality protects and in 9 days count went down 75 points. The point is ensure you are using high quality products and Nature’s Sunshine is the highest I know DR
17. Davids wife very sick with cancer dr said she had 3 wks to live. David took his wife out of the hospital flew her to Mexico to the may coined. Upon return went on the Super Foods Paw Paw /Therapeutic Program and she in now walking and feeling much better. Neighbor asked Dave how much it cost to fly her to Mexico and Dave said $30,000. For plane and expenses. Neighbor said how to you justify spending $30,000 on expenses to get her to mayo clinic (which included ambulance expenses and clinic expenses). Dave asked the neighbor how much his fancy pickup in his yard cost. The neighbor said, “$60,000.” Dave asked the neighbor, “ how do you justify spending $60,000 on that pickup in your yard.”. THINK ABOUT IT!
18. Jack had lung cancer Dr gave him chemo and still no results. Jack Talked to Larry who had taken the Paw Paw Super Foods Program and was cancer free and encouraged Jack to go on it. Jack who could hardly breathe or walk due to cancer in lungs nothing medically was working so went on Therapeutic Super Foods Program. Dec 2014 reported feeling good, breathing no longer difficult.
19. Daniel PSA high 68 went on TAFYH and Paw Paw Super foods Therapeutic Nutritional program and 7 months later PSA down to 2.7. Interesting note made was when Daniel was on antibiotics from Drs. For his PSA A count went up. When he incorporated, CatsClaw combo, silver Guard and Chinese Mineral Chi tonic along with Therapeutic/TAFYH protocol his PSA went down. DR

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