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June 14, 2016
Claude Prica

Claude has been coaching athletes and consulting individuals and companies for 25 years, He has been a personal high lever coach at 5 Olympic Games. 5 Years ago, he brought AtlasPROfilax, said to be the ultimate correction of C1, to Canada. He is very much in demand for this work..He holds a Master in Sports...

February 11, 2015
Tania Gustafson

KITCHEN COACHING - $149 (2 hrs) or add to any coaching package for only $99 Are you convinced that eating right is the way to achieve and maintain your weight loss, health and fitness goals, but are finding it difficult to put into practice?  Are you determined to "get it right" in the kitchen but struggle...

November 20, 2014
Tania Gustafson

NEW!!  KITCHEN COACHING! - 2hrs $149 or add to any program for only $99 Understand labels and learn how certain ingredients affect weight loss and health Creating a grocery list of the basic "must haves" that align with each client's weight loss and health & fitness goals Pantry and cupboard evaluation and recommendations on which foods...

November 3, 2014
Gerald Nsugbe

Correspondence-coaching of a month's duration relating to an e-leaflet which gives instruction on Gerald Nsugbe's life-saving, life-enhancing Therapeutic Concentration Technique (TCT) is available for a fee of $50 (fifty U. S. dollars). Such correspondence-coaching or instruction will be restricted to answering any queries or problems encountered in practicing TCT.

8 WEEKS IS ALL IT TAKES!  You will lose your bloat, melt your belly and LOVE living your life.  Start your transformation today for only $249!! As seen on HLN (Headline News), Mark Macdonald's highly successful 8 Week Run is Rocking Canada!  "8 Weeks Is All It Takes!" led by local Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Tania Gustafson,  is...