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Spiritual Birth Facilitation Services

by: Jayme Hanson

Breakdown of Spiritual Birth Facilitation Service


Before Conception

 Initial consultation

The first session is a causal introduction, discussing our purpose as Conscious Birth Facilitators during & after the pregnancy & to share some helpful tools for clearing, grounding & nurturing partner to partner connections.

Host parents will leave with our first questionnaire to fill out at home, individually in a sacred safe space. This confidential questionnaire is to discover personal beliefs around parenting, experiences with pregnancy & parenting, helpful self-care practices, willingness to choose to connect spiritually with another conscious being & strengths in bringing a child into the world. Host parents gain clarity, personal responsibility  & a sense of sacredness in their decision to facilitate this connection.

The second session is a breath work meditation for clearing & grounding. We review the first take-home questionnaire with each parent separately, then together and then we go into the second questionnaire with both parents.  After that we address any questions, comments or concerns that they may have at this time.

Together, we move through the pregnancy, moment by moment, honouring the sacred process of creation.

At this point, we make a conscious decision to work together as spiritual birth facilitation.


After Conception

The first trimester we will meet with you once a week for 1 hour.

(During our 1-hour sessions we sit down with our clients and talk about any concerns/worries/anxieties/fear that they may have experience over the last week.  We also do a 15 -20 minute Conscious Breathing and Connecting meditation. This meditation is for nurturing connections with  parent(s) & baby).

The second trimester we meet once a week for the first 3 weeks and then once every third week.

The third trimester we meet once a week for the 7th & 8th month.

The final month we meet three times a week until day of birth (1 hour).

Day of birth *If parents choose to have us there.*


After Birth

(There is a tremendous amount of energy releasing that goes on for a period of approximately 9 months after the delivery.  Breathing will keep the energy flowing, which in turn will make the releasing process much more gentle and easy.

It will make it much more easier for the mother to conceive again and will make the delivery for the second time much easier.)

The first 3 months we meet once a week for 1 hour.

The second 3 months we meet once every 3 weeks for 1 hour.

The third 3 months we meet once every 3 weeks for 1hour.

The final meeting completes our facilitation, completing any exchanges still pending, saying “good-bye’s” and fazing out the energy and our role as "spiritual adoula's".


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Services by Jayme Hanson

I am a Facilitator for Creating a very Safe & Sacred Spaces for my clients & students. I Live what I Teach - - I am a standard of a Living Master. You can find me in Salmon Arm and in the Okanagan Valley, BC

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