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Start A Health Revolution

Wanna start a health revolution?

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  • Michael Van Ziffle August 16, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    This is something long awaited and I'm glad to have been invited on the journey. As a Massage Therapist who graduated here in Vernon from the OVCMT, my personal journey toward discovering the wonders of facilitating healing has been long, complex and challenging. I welcome the opportunity to share what I have found in the realm of Natural Healing through my current work. Every day I participating in the healing of others; my clients at Transition Massage and Foot Care as I promote wholeness and healing through mobility-focussed Massage and the foundational benefits of exercise physiology. Helping people put their best foot forward toward better health is our way of affecting support through change and transition. Our motto is: Change is inevitable. Learn to transition with ease and grace.

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