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Taking Action For Your Health Via Teleconference 15 Minutes A Day

by: Donna Roth

January 28/2013 to March 28/2013  Pacific time  7:30 am or  8:00 am

Fee : $150 which is less than $14 per hour and $200 per month for essential product items.

Enroll a friend and get $50 off . You will learn what Steve Jobs wanted to know but did not know !

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Instructor : Donna Roth BA B.Ed MH 30 years of experience in the herbal health field

 Curriculum Outline:

15 minutes of instruction a day via a teleconference call by an expert with 30 years of experience.

Work with a team of  people who are on the same page.

Routine daily duties include exercise, eating right, making Super Food Shakes, reading

Weekly assignments include:

the 1-DayGuided  Kidney Flush,

the 1 Day  Guided Bowel Cleanse,

the 3 Day Guided  Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

Materials Required

Just as any course requires textbooks this program requires herbals.

A list of 14 required products are needed to participate in the Taking Action for Your Health

The Benefits

Watch your health improve dramatically

Lose weight

Be empowered to take a stand for your own health

Learn to take control when you or a loved one is sick

Learn the alternatives to the drugs you don’t want to take.


Enroll a friend and receive $50 off your program fee.

Free product with your order every month

Discount prices on your product purchases

Attendance and being on time  is crucial,  demonstrates commitment and is rewarded.

The Agenda:

Week 1

Body Systems Questionnaire

Health Scale

Eating the right foods

Eliminating the wrong foods

Drinking clean water

Week 2

Agricultural Practices

Super Foods

Making a Shake

Leaky Gut

Cleansing the blood


Week 3


Candida and Candida Saliva test


Week 4

Tissue Cleansing

Bowel Management

One Day Bowel Flush

Week 5

Kidneys /Bladder

Bones and joints


One Day Kidney Flush

Week 6

Heart and Circulation

Oral Chelation program

Stress management

Week 7

Gall Bladder/Liver

3 Day Gall Bladder /Liver cleanse

Cleanses :

1 month Body Cleanse

2 week Parasite Cleanse

2 week Bowel Cleanse

Week 8

Home cleaning product alternatives

Beauty product alternatives

Week 9

Body Systems Questionnaire comparison

Weight loss

Health Scale

Success stories

Formulating a health plan.




Courses by Donna Roth

Donna Roth BA, BEd MH currently resides in Kelowna where she educates and coaches others to take responsibility of their health into their own hands by using her very simple 3-step program of diet, super foods and herbs. Since 1993 after witnessing the cancer deaths of her loving mother, a dear aunt and mother-in-law Donna has been on a quest to find an answer to cancer.

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