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1000 Herbal Success Stories # 106 To # 110 October 2012

Testimonial for: Donna Roth

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 #106 “Cat’s Claw combination is Marvelous for My Cold”

One evening  John came down with a very runny nose . He felt sick, sneezing all the time and his energy was drained. He knew he had to build up his immune system and he had been well read in the use of Cat’s Claw with Echinacea and Astragalus. He also knew that taking only 1 capsule a day as indicated on the container would not make much difference. John didn’t hesitate to take 4 capsules immediately, then 3 capsules at supper and 3 capsules again at bedtime . It was also important that he sleep well so at bedtime John took 2 capsules HVP , hops , valerian, passion flower. John was able to sleep very well and in the morning “ It was all over. My energy came back , the dripping nose stopped and I was no longer sneezing. Within one night I was back to square one because of Cat’s Claw. This is marvelous.”

#107 Headache and Congested Sinuses

Phyl woke up one day with a severe headache. Her sinuses were very congested and heavy with pressure. Because she had a vast amount of experience in the Paw Paw program which she had used to clear up melanoma in the past , she once again resorted to the Paw Paw program. She made a high power shake with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax Hull Lignans and took Paw Paw , Cat’s Claw, Protease Plus. She did this for 10 days without a waver. On the 10th day she felt that she needed to blow her nose. What she blew out totally caught her off guard. It was a lump the size and color of an egg. It was  this point that the headache and all pressure from the congested sinuses were relieved. Phyl has not had a problem with headaches or congested sinuses since .

# 108 High Blood Sugar Levels

Kathy was not happy when she took her blood sugar readings using a glucose monitor. The were too high and she knew better. She immediately started with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic “ It literally lights you up.” Then she added Gluco-Reg and  Chromium GTF. She knew her pancreas was inflamed so she took Cat’s Claw and then Pau D’Arco to clean up the sugar from the blood stream. Astragalus was added for extra stem cell production.  Kathy ate only proteins and vegetables. Within 3 weeks her blood sugar totally leveled off.

#109 Toothache

One lady ended up with a terrible toothache. The medication would do nothing to stop the pain. She then applied Silver Gel onto the tooth and within 24 hours her toothache was gone.

#110 A Bad Fall

Gunner was in a hurry one day and in his moment of “ I haven’t got time”  he fell and split his face. He reached for his Silver Gel and applied it to the affected area frequently. Within 4 days the split totally healed up with no signs of scarring.

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