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Almost Immediately My Neck Was Free Of The Constant Pain I Had Felt

Testimonial for: Claude Prica

From: Meg...

I found the correction procedure to be extremely intense (painful) but almost immediately my neck was free of the constant pain I had felt. Previously, the pain would radiate up into my skull and behind my eyes. It really never went away. I realized later that I had just learned to live with it. After the correction I went back to lifting weights. Oh my! What a difference!! I could hold my head up straight. My posture was perfect. It was so much easier to lift weights. My whole body just worked so much more efficiently. Even my bowels move more regularly.

As extreme as the correction was, I would do it again and again to have these results. Thankfully, once in a lifetime is all I’ll need!! Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful provision. I’m a new person.

I’m sure we’ll be making annual trips up to see you with different friends and family that want to “join the bandwagon”!! Thank you again.


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