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I Believe That There Are People Who Care

Testimonial for: Claude Prica

From: Marie...

I am a woman of 51 years. I had a car accident 5 years ago and I have been ill since the accident. I have had numbness on the right side of my body, a quarter size hot spot in the region of my liver with associated aching in the region, I have had steady tugging in my throat where a minor surgery has been conducted, I have had nausea, I have had a strange slipping away (slipping down) feeling and I have experienced a marked loss of energy, my energy being less than half what it normally is and my strength too has been even more diminished. I have also had a feeling of infection in my teeth and the bones of my jaw, I have pressure inside my head and general foggy brain. I have never given into depression but I have had a long separation from my love of life. I tried many many different approaches and have had some level of relief but nothing lasting and when it returns it is worse.

Recently I changed chiropractors and my new chiropractor said that my head is pushed very far forward on the atlas. She found it very resistant. Around this time I also went to see Dr. Hui. I told him of my many symptoms. He recommended I have this AtlasPROfilax treatment and gave me the contact number for Snjezana. Immediately after the treatment the numbness on my right side disappeared, with perhaps a minor 8% or so still there, now, a week later I am not really sure it is there at all. In the days that have followed I have been very tight almost everywhere in my body the muscles have rebelled yet I have amazing range of motion, the spot on my liver is no longer yelling at me, my energy is remarkably better, my strength is returning. I am no longer slipping away or crying all the time, nor do I wake at night worried about where this journey is willing to take me. I no longer have a dark halo over my right eye. My peripheral vision has become much sharper. And, I am happy – again! I have not been truly happy in many years.

I still have infection in my face and jaw and teeth and my ear on that side feels full but the brain fog is hugely better and the general feeling in my head is no longer ominous. I suspect that Snjezana’s suggestion that I have improved drainage is apt.

I am very grateful for this work. I believe in cures and I believe that there are people who care and who are sharp and who really earn their way in life, though it seems there is less of it. I am very happy with my results and with all those who nudged me along until I found this help.


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