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I Cancelled A Foot Surgery I Had Been Waiting For Years To Obtain

Testimonial for: Claude Prica

From: Catherine H. RMT...

This adjustment has been a doorway into a new relationship I now have with my body. I am feeling physically freer in my movements, am able to feel greater ease when at rest and more energetic in my everyday life. My experience was so dramatic that after the third day post treatment I cancelled a foot surgery I had been waiting for years to obtain. The immediate awareness that returned to this weakened leg gave me access to re-strengthen it. This awareness has lead to a letting go of old postural holding patterns that have become no longer necessary and my body is finding itself able to retain alignment with a durable ease that I have not felt since I was a kid. I am truly grateful for having received this treatment; it has shifted me into a fuller life. I have brought my children to Claude and would recommend this treatment to nearly everyone.


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