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I Would Have A Migraine Roughly Every 3 Weeks That Would Very In Intensity

Testimonial for: Claude Prica

From: Alison...

HI just to give you an update

Before correction – I would have a migraine roughly every 3 weeks that would very in intensity. Treatment has included prescription drug – Zomig ( 1 tablet followed by another 2 hours later if the first tablet was not enough – then nothing for 24 hours, that’s where the , +/- Ibuprofen came in. So days i would have to go right to bed in a dark room and very quiet.

After correction – for the first week I had a mild migraine daily, still requiring the Zomig. Gradually the intensity has diminished and the frequency between episodes lengthened. February 2010 was the first month I did not have a migraine. It has been about 6 weeks now since the last one.

Thanks so much for your help


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