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“Loved The Program And My Coach”

Testimonial for: Tania Gustafson

From: Colleen McCallum...

  • Colleen before July 10, after Sept 8, 2014

Q: Have you tried dieting in the past?  If yes, please list.   

A: Yes, less junk and restricted calories and fat. 

Q: Prior to enrolling in 8 Weeks Is All It Takes with Tania Gustafson of FIT Nutrition, had you heard of losing weight through blood sugar stabilization and/or the Body Confidence program?

A:  Nope!

Q: What did you enjoy most about the program?  If still currently participating in the program, are you pleased with your results thus far?

A: I enjoyed the encouragement from my coach first! I also enjoyed the feeling of no afternoon slump and never feeling ravenous.

 Q: Did you or are you currently using the recommended meal replacements and supplements?  Would you recommend them to others?

A: Yes m'am; I would/have recommended them to others.

 Q: Do you feel that you have acquired the knowledge and tools necessary to continue living the program and loving your life?

A: I have changed the way I think about eating.  As a child I very rarely ate breakfast as my dad didn't.

Your comments please: Loved the program and my coach.  You (Tania) are so encouraging; I never felt defeated in my efforts.  This is something that will always be in the forefront of my thinking when I go out to eat and also on a daily basis.

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