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One Morning God Answered My Prayers And I Heard About Atlasprofilax On The Radio

Testimonial for: Claude Prica

From: Ivanka...

40 years ago I was driving to work when I got rear-ended by a school bus. It was a bad accident and besides the whiplash I had injuries in my back, legs, neck and shoulders. I started getting extremely strong headaches and migraines and bad pains throughout my whole body. The pain was getting so bad that I couldn’t walk or sit for longer than 20 minutes. The worst part was that I couldn’t sleep at night from the pains. I was constantly tired and had bad dizzy spells and fell down often from not having any strength in my spine.

I went to all kinds of different therapies and was on many strong pain killers, which had bad side effects. Nothing was helping me.

One morning God answered my prayers and I heard about Atlasprofilax on the radio. I knew that this was something that could help me. On August 25th, 2010 I went to see Snjezana Filipovic and had my atlas corrected. My dizziness and loss of balance went away immediately after that and I felt great for the first time in 40 years. My body still hurts sometimes, but just taking one Aspirin usually takes care of the pain. When there is pain now, it is bearable. I started getting my strengths back and am not loosing my balance anymore. I never fell since then. I sometimes still get mild headaches, but am not in bed for 3 days because of them. I haven’t had a migraine since I had the correction done. I am thankful to God for sending me Snjezana.

I would recommend this to anybody who is suffering like I was and am sure that it will be as helpful as it was to me. I feel like I got my life back at age 75. At 75 I feel better than when I was 42.



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