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Raindrop Magic

Testimonial for: Koi Neah

From: R. Lamb...

What a blessing! Feeling the deeply penetrating healing and restorative power of the oils along my spine with both tingling warming and cooling properties and Koi Neah's magical touch is nothing short of a treat in and of itself.
I was transported to the land of oooohs and aaaahs and into a state of deep rest and relaxation I had not experienced in some time. A huge and welcome surprise though was when, within less than 24 hours following the treatment, my neck felt almost like new.
I could roll my head in full circles and look up without support or pain! I hadn't expected such an improvement! I followed up with another session a week later figuring that it could only benefit me as well as help maintain this new level of strength and flexibly. I'm happy I did. I would say that my neck is now 95% recovered after only 2 treatments which I consider truly remarkable considering where I was at. I'm definitely going to undergo more treatments!
I'd be amiss not to also mention that Koi Neah has a beautiful way about her. She is deeply caring, sensitive and intuitively attuned to energies. Being on her table is like being held in the arms of a loving mother. Thank you Koi Neah!

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