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Rapid Recovery Of Bonnie

Testimonial for: Victoria Fabling

From: Catherine...

Hi Victoria

Apologies for the long interlude in a reply to your written letter. What a joy to get it enclosing your book. The first Fable I read was 'The Glamours' which I have now read again twice since starting this e-mail. What a well stacked couple of pages on the meaning of life or maybe you could tell me how you would summarise it. I've just read it again and learnt more about loads of things. Please tell me how you came to write such a piece it's so clever and informative. I remember you saying it had some association/connection with a lawyer/solicitor you know or knew.

I can't find your letter which I had first thing this morning but I'm carrying on as I remember most of the contents on the 2nd page anyway. You said you'd come over if the fare amount was there. I've pondered on that sentence since and as no contributions towards this account building up is going to come from Pauline as her leg seems to be healing now at long last and Valerie I haven't heard from since her hospital appt but I'll e-mail her later - I have decided to put a few squid aside in order to get some bolt hold on the prospect of seeing you again. It will be a slow process though as I'm only a Catering Assistant at Oundle School.

Meanwhile this is the testimonial of Bonnie's miraculous recovery.

This is a testimonial outlining the rapid recovery of our pet dog Bonnie after Victoria's unannounced visit to our house after a healing meeting in Richmond one summers evening.

It was a week day evening when Victoria knocked on the door having made her way straight to Bonnie from the healing meeting in Richmond. She came in with her forearms held up not unlike a surgeon recently scrubbed up for an operation. She asked where Bonnie was and I pointed to the front room and then proceeded back to the kitchen where I was preparing the evening meal. Victoria called out from the hall about ten minutes later saying she would 'see me tomorrow' and I thought no more about the visit.

Victoria and I at the time were work colleagues and I had told her about Bonnie's accident 3 or 4 weeks before this where she sustained injuries to her leg having been knocked down by a car on the main road while I was out walking with her. She had been taken to the emergency vet straight after who gave her strong pain relief and thereafter the following morning we went to the surgery where the leg was put in a plaster cast supported by a hooped prop to prevent her from bending it. X rays of her leg on our weekly visits to the surgery were not showing any bone formation and there was talk on the fourth visit of amputating the leg. It was at this juncture that Victoria visited our house unannounced to perform what I can only describe now as 'a miracle'. Thereafter we went back to the surgery for her progress report on the latest X rays taken and these presented as what the vet described 'as a complete recovery' where the tibia had completely healed with no sign of any wasting etc. The plaster and hoop were duly unravelled and she was free again to walk on it and build up the muscle tissue. All I can say at this juncture is that Victoria gave us back our beloved dog and enabled her to romp again with Bennie the retriever on their countless adventures they had together on our family days out.

If you need to edit this or adjust it just let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you keep well and be happy

Catherine xxxx

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