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The Woman Is A Miracle Worker!

Testimonial for: Sheryl Hamilton

From: Rose Bird, Aim Canada General Manager, Chartered Herbalist, Health Coach...

Being old is a concept that I have never bought into.  I am constantly told that at the age of 68 I do not fit the characteristics of people in their sixties.  I attribute this to a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, wholesome food, and quality supplements to ensure my body is getting enough of the nutrients required to slow down the aging process, prevent disease and keep me youthful and living life to the fullest.  Oh, and I do not prescribe to pharmaceuticals in other words I do not believe in drugs.  Also a very necessary part of my wellness team is Sheryl who is incredible in her ability to put me back in running order whether from sitting in a plane for hours or a gym injury.  The woman is a miracle worker!

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