Why Tyhson Banighen?

Tyhson Banighen Wellness Services
Tyhson Banighen is your personal Business and Wellness Coach with a passion to help small businesses double, triple or even get 10 x more growth. I have a Master of Arts with a focus on Organizational Renewal, Conflict Resolution and Consensus Decision Making with additional certificates from the Baniff School of Management. I also have a passion to help you radiate with energy, health and wellness in your life as well as your business. I am a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Master Dowser and Instructor, Diviner and Geomancer. I am also a Certified Sound Coach providing Quantum Sound Therapy sessions and Dr. Emoto's structured water to help you manifest your highest potential.

Tyhson Banighen Specializes in...

As your personal Business or Wellness Coach I can help you to grow your wellness business and/or help you improve your Health and Wellness and provide you with quality products and services.

  • Business Coach
  • Wellness Coach
  • Soul Coach
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I Can Help You...

At My Clinic
In a Group Setting
Over the Telephone
Over the Internet
Via Distance Healing
Via Books,Courses etc
Skype sessions

Contact Me...

Toll Free 1 866-369-5464
250 835-8236
1-5404 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road
Tappen, B.C. V0E 2X1  (Map)
Need more clients? stressed out? Beside yourself? Are you in pain? At your ropes end? Not sleeping? Want relief? Then call NOW for a FREE 15 minute consultation.Toll free in North America !-866-369-7464 or Skype tyhson.banighen

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