Why Victoria Fabling?

Spiritual Mentor; Healer, Author of Fables; Alchemist, Effective Energy Worker
Victoria Fabling is an effective energy worker, confidante and life coach. When Victoria mentors she calls in your Highest Truth, facilitating a conversation so you hear its wisdom. She helps you to see your own situation from your Spiritual perspective; you are then free to fulfil your potential, without 'issues.'

Victoria Fabling Specializes in...

Confidante and Life Coach rolled into one using Advanced Healing techniques including Spiritual Healing; Alchemy; Counselling; EFT. She is also a published Author, Speaker and Graphologist.

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Speaking and Storytelling
  • Author
  • Graphology
  • EFT
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I Can Help You...

At My Clinic
In a Group Setting
Over the Internet
Via Distance Healing
Via Books,Courses etc

Contact Me...

(250) 927 1892
180 First Avenue West
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, V9K 1H1  (Map)
I am a qualified healer, not just in terms of a diploma, but life experience. I used to identify ghosts as a toddler and have investigated the metaphysical world daily ever since. I guarantee that my methods work and I offer you

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The Gingerbread Man Technique is a daily discipline for me because it gives me focus.  I decide to embody one quality in the morning and by doing so I also set a boundary to the world.   I give you a selection here to enlarge, print, cut out  and use daily.

By picking a card, your ideal quality will be picked by your Higher Consciousness, and when creating your Gingerbread Man energy field, bigger is better.  You will feel your molecules having fun as they await permission to play their new role - seconds later they will settle down and serve you. 

You may also like to read The Gingerbread Man fable which I've posted here, and to post your adventures with this versatile, charismatic character.


Victoria (Fabling) author of Fabling's Fables and www.fablingsfables.com