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Wart Cure

I had a plantars wart on my foot that refused to go away!

I went to the doctor and they tried freezing it...multiple times.

It was so painful and it never worked. I tried over the counter remedies like compound w but that didn't work either. A friend of mine told me banana peel worked for her so i thought i would try it out. AMAZING RESULTS!!!

I cut a little piece of banana peel (not too ripe banana) every night and placed it on my foot with a bandaid holding it in place. In the morning the banana peel is all black and mushy but don't works!

I did this every night for almost 30 days and my wart disappeared and it has never come back!

-Kim Laughren

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  • toad September 14, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    peel up or down. Since it took a month did the banana do it or did time do it?

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