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What Is Healing?

by: Victoria Fabling

“What is Healing?”


I get asked this question a lot.


Healing is a bit like deep cleaning a home.  The facilitator gets to the places you wouldn’t normally want to reach, like the top rim of a skylight where the accumulated dust is rich with insects headed for the open sky, or inside the drains of sinks where slippery sludge lies in wait to entrap even more hair!


A good healer is like a clairvoyant cleaner; they can see the blockages and the reason for these.  Instead of dusting and polishing the surfaces they will offer to go places, with you, that you may not have considered.   If you are willing to dig around, move furniture (thought-forms), shake off old beliefs, and open the windows to let in the proverbial fresh air, then you will feel ‘spring-cleaned.’  You can expect the outside world and your physical body to reward you with increased wellness.  Healers are told not to promise cures – but they do happen when scepticism is taken to the dump.


Healthy scepticism is an oxymoron when it comes to healing.  Our body, mind and spirit know how to connect with the Source in order to self-heal.


For people and animals whose issue is more psychological, the process of getting well again happens by entrainment; they commit to upgrading their social environment by banishing the nay-sayers, choosing instead to be around an inspiring group for whom success is already a reality.


Entrainment, simply put, is something rubbing off so that you learn by osmosis, with Grace and ease.  Does that interest you?  Inspirational books can also provide ‘a-ha’ moments, realisations that you are on the right track or are ready to add another helpful habit to your daily life.


This summer, spend time with your local healer-author, and dive into a relaxed state with one of my books, “an enlightening read, guaranteed.”  Go to:, or visit me inQualicumBeach.


©Victoria Fabling

28th June 2013


Articles by Victoria Fabling

Victora Fabling is a Confidante and Life Coach rolled into one. When Victoria mentors she calls in your Highest Truth, facilitating a conversation so you hear its wisdom. She helps you to see your situation from your Spiritual perspective. This gives you breathing space to make a decision from a place of power.

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